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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
92742014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  425UltraShift PlusCall!
92842014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  425UltraShift PlusCall!
92762014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  425UltraShift PlusCall!
92722014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  425UltraShift PlusCall!
92862014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  425UltraShift PlusCall!
92882014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  425UltraShift PlusCall!
92942014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
92922014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93002014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
92982014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93022014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93042014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93062014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93102014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93082014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93122014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93202014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93222014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93162014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
93242014KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  42510Call!
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